Failure is ok! You can always get back from failing. This is what an entrepreneur should think and use. Failure is like an experience in which an entrepreneur should face. Entrepreneur fail and things go wrong but that does not mean they should give up. Entrepreneur stand up on their feet with more strength and focus and try again and again.
As entrepreneurs fail, they learn more and more from their mistakes and improve which always eventually leads to success. This is why an entrepreneur mindset is important. They should always put it at the back of their mind that they can fail anytime. Most people don’t want to try because they are afraid of failure. Being afraid can limit your mindset to a fixed one. The ability of an entrepreneur to make a mistake and learning from it is as a result of their mindset.
Exposing yourself to failure is an experience which entrepreneurs learn. Failure is what makes you good in what you do and succeed because failure can help you retrace your steps on where it went wrong and correct it which would bring a greater success than before and more knowledge.
Failure is simply a step which would bring you closer to success if you try again. If you want to succeed faster, double your rate of failure. So don’t be afraid to fail because without an experience in failure, you won’t succeed.


“Failure” is not a word people like hearing, everyone wants to be successful and no one wants to fail, everyone has to succeed. “Failure” is though inevitable. Failure can be defined when you do not succeed or lack of success. As an entrepreneur failing is part of us, that’s why we give up easily. When you fail, you will be able to step up, the more you fail, you realize your mistakes and make amends to it to become successful.
Bill Gates once failed before the founding of his Microsoft, that was not what he expected, but he didn’t give up or say I have failed there is nothing to do, NO, he didn’t but he fastens his belt and realize the mistake then made amends to it.
Now the worlds are using his idea and gadget and he achieved the one of the most successful entrepreneur. Most people don’t like failing, they do not want to hear word instead they should be prepared for it so that when it comes they would know how to fix it or solve it. Failing is a part of us all. No one on earth can stand up and say he hasn’t fail in one thing or the other.
Albert Einstein didn’t start speaking until age four, reading until seven, most people thought that he is mentally handicapped, did he give up? No he didn’t. If he had, his theories would not have been known. He wouldn’t have win a noble prize and the world approach to physics. But he didn’t give up. Those people that falls and get up are better than the ones who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.
Mistakes leads to failure so we shouldn’t fear failure. When we fail, we realize that it’s wrong or something is not right, we put in the right place that when we are successful. Failure doesn’t mean the end of the road or your lives, most people commit suicide just because they have failed, instead of getting up getting up back they quit. As an entrepreneur, failing is part of us, it’s not everything we do that will be successful in. no we have to fail sometimes to realize our potentials.
Failing is not something you go your room and cry or die of. Failing is when what you did is not good or need some touch. Mark Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The lunching of his satellite which he spent billions of dollar on it. When it got to space it crashed, did he quit his job, no but instead put more effort, he still tried again, that’s what we call failing and not giving up. Instead of assumption of failure, prepare for the worst.

Muslims Contributions to Technological Developments

How did Muslims contribute to technology? They built dams, irrigation canals, waterwheels, pumps, aqueducts, and cisterns. They also invented various ways to measure water and control the flow of water. Islamic engineers also made significant contributions in the areas of optics, mechanics, clocks, wind power, and chemistry.
What tech did Muslims bring? Islamic technology included paper-making, the manufacture of steel and other metals, building and great technical advances in the tools and scientific instruments. Did Muslim invent Robot? During the sixth Hijri century, a Muslim scientist called Abul Izz bin Ismail bin Al-Razzaz Al-Jazari was the first to make a mobile robot to carry out domestic services,” Assas said while quoting excerpts from his magnum opus: “A compendium on the theory and practice of the mechanical arts.”
Al-Jazari wrote the book ...25 Epr 2012 What does Islam say about robots? In Islam, al-Quran decreed that humans can only be made biologically from copulation between male and female (al-Quran 23:12-16). Therefore, AGI robot can never be classified as human since it is man-made.

Unifying Teaching with Learning

Like a double-edged sword- one edge being learning pointing to the holder, and the other end being teaching having the impactful effect on the student- no one goes into imparting knowledge (similar to a battle) without being armed to teeth with both arsenals. Learning and Teaching are two sides of coin , an indivisible part of a whole.
The best of Teachers are the best of Learners and vice versa. Hence undertaking both concept and the interconnectivity between both will be the focus of this short treatise. To begin with, what do I understand by teaching? Teaching is basically the dissemination of knowledge. It is a planned effort by an individual to spread knowledge for the purpose of learning.
Learning on the other hand, refers to the process of acquiring knowledge or skill. It also involves gaining value and experience. Learning results in positive changes. According to Ambrose et al, "Learning is a process that leads to change, which occurs as a result of experience and increases the potential for improved performance and future learning." (Ambrose et al, 2010,p.3).
I have always thought that teaching is one of the most challenging profession because it requires one to always be of high standard. Thinking about how my teachers taught me from middle school to high school, they did a wonderful job. I equally learnt alot from them. Learning has always been a passion for me but teaching feels more challenging. My concept of teaching has been to make sure that I have a well grounded knowledge of the subject and my students gets the idea of what is been taught and not necessarily check to see if they thoroughly understand the subject.
Realizing the need for learners to understand and be able to give feedback is very important. The relationship between learning and teaching has always been formal. Teachers see learners as dumping ground of knowledge. Interaction between teachers and learners foster the conditions for learning to occur. As a teacher, considering how children learn and what needs to be known about them is very crucial.
Being approachable and treating children with respect creates a positive learning environment. In addition to this, for learning to occur, a teacher needs to give room for learners to ask questions and express themselves. Learning should be fun, it should be enjoyed. Teaching with some sense of humour adds to the experience a learner gains. Bearing in mind that as a teacher I am still learning, giving learners the opportunity to teach helps them practice what they have learnt and they will always remember.
My experience with learning and teaching has made me realize that the learning ability of children differ from one another. Studying each learner has made me understand that each learner has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. This has shown that their paces are different. Favouritism or being biased sends a wrong signal to children, this results in their inability to participate in classroom activities.
Bridging the gap between those that assimilate quickly and those that are slow in digesting lesson is very essential. Furthermore, learning for me has always been that I need to acquire knowledge not necessarily to teach it. There is a responsibility that comes with learning, that is to teach whatever is being learnt. Teaching should come with passion.
The responsibility of imparting knowledge and values, changing attitudes of learners should be the goal. Also, my concept of teaching has been a particular style of teaching and what has already been learnt can not be researched or updated. I now understand the need to be good at teaching, this calls for research and continuous learning to a higher level and the development of special skills and knowledge.
Learning is a continuous process which requires a concerted effort of formulating, engaging, planning, organizing developing and communicating ideas. Being familiar with the curriculum is very essential for lesson delivery.Preparing what is to be taught in the classroom is very vital. A teacher should read and understand ahead of his class to be able to deliver well and not derail from the subject topic. Teaching the learners what they already know is a waste of time.
“It’s a waste of time to teach kids what they already know and what they cannot do even with assistance” (Utah Education Network, 2005, p. 11). Designing lesson plan describes the step by step activities relating to the subject topic. This will enable the students to understand what is being taught."In today’s classrooms, teachers need to design lessons that empower students to make meaning through mindful manipulation of input” (Fogarty, 1999, p. 78).
In conclusion, the ideas I had previously about teaching and learning has changed such that I am able to see myself as a student who is still learning. I want to build my confidence as a teacher who tries to exercise the skills being learnt in the interest of others.

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