Our Policies

Our Unique Policy

Our Quality Policy is in line with the vision, mission and UNIQUE values of our school; the UNIQUE advantage being a tripatile knowledge based on value-added Tahfeedhu'l Qur'an , acquisition of scarce technological skills yet providing the Learners with access to a hybrid of the best conventional educational curricula. At IQ Academy, we set out to raise ethical lifelong learners who are devoted firstly to their Deen above other things and who are worthy ambassadors of the country and beyond, who are self-made in all beneficial worldly endeavours with sense of responsibility, who have adopted the positive mindset not just as individual behavior but as a culture in the community that the school has built. To provide an enabling opportunity , local and beyond the Nigerian shores by exposing the students to international education-training programs so that they can compete favourably and benefit from a UNIQUE advantage above their peers. To assemble and work with professionals across diverse fields who are Educators or trainable individuals with an eye for excellence , finesse and possessing high quality standards, expertise, experience and who are open to innovative practice. Ensuring that the quality of Ibn Qayyim (IQ) Academy is demonstrated in all units and that the UNIQUE culture is preserved and transferred to the future.

Our Quality Objectives

We are aware that education and training at Ibn Qayyim (IQ) Academy is a continuous process that develops continuously in accordance with the requirements of the time, renewed in the light of sound Islamic knowledge and experience. For this purpose, we will establish educational and quality objectives, in line with the Qur'an and Sunnah, that will maximize student's Moral attitude and develop their communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity potentials in line with 21st century skills. We will review these goals regularly and continuously to increase improvement.

Our Guiding Statement

Our guiding statements are not just words on a page, they are affirmations that no success comes except from Allah and that a deviation from the Sunnah of the messenger of Allah will lead to no where but perdition.These guiding statements are aligned across our evolvements from the smallest to the biggest. We review our processes regularly from the lens of this guiding statement together with our teachers, parents and students to ensure continuously that the entire community still hold true to this statement.

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